Leadership with
a Mission

Over the last two decades, Chaithanya has crafted unique living spaces by continuously studying the Sciences in Life and Healthy Living, that augments Community Living with sustainability at its best.
Being largely a Debt Free company with consistent growth, Chaithanya achieved its long-term success even while faced with global setbacks by restructuring our business to cater for market conditions while preserving Chaithanya’s founding
culture and guiding principles – Integrity, Honesty, Competency, Collaboration, Creativity and Respect.
At Chaithanya, we have always excelled and dared at finding opportunities in what others view as turmoil; and this has been possible with An efficient, flexible and dedicated organisation.
“We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

Guru Prasad (Chairman & Managing Director)

Mission & Vision


To dedicate ourselves to passionately crafting unique living masterpieces as an ethical, progressive and socially sensitive organization.


To be recognised as India’s finest and most respected real estate company leveraging creativity and augmenting life to the fullest.

Life Science

The science of simplicity.

The pursuit of perfection has been a never-ending journey. But, if there is one thing that guarantees you are on the right path is keeping it ‘simple’. Take the humble toothpick for instance, in the course of its 200-year evolution, it underwent a lot of changes. The grooves at the end of the stick came in the last 60 years, to prevent the soiled end from touching the table when rested. A simple idea applied to the simplest of objects – the humble toothpick.

This attention to detail, this continuous questioning and requesting and rethinking and endless hours of excruciating scrutiny might sound like a massive waste of time to some, but our homes are not designed for them.

At Chaithanya, a home is much more than just the walls that house your body, it’s a space that lets your spirit wander. You move into a living breathing community of like-minded people. The amenities here are not the usual list that you checkbox, each of them is designed to take into account the minutest details. Most importantly, our properties are built around Nature, not in place of it. You don’t have to take our word for it, just pay a visit to any of our properties and you’ll know what we are talking about.


Every home we design has a single thought binding them all: crafted with love. Be it the low-slung villas that blend into the groves of fruit trees around them, South Indian architecture that takes one back to their roots, or simply homes that integrate personal space with bold facades to become family hubs. Every home is therefore thoughtfully designed to be a living space that concentrates on what is most important – family. Combining location, needs, lifestyle, and serenity to let you enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Engineering Excellence

If there’s one thing that resonates with every villa we design, it’s engineering excellence. Continuous research has made us specialists in the villa genre. The reason customers keep coming back to us to help design their homes is because we understand the way they live and build that into the homes they occupy. Using the finest of materials, cutting-edge processes and technologies, and precision quality, we engineer living spaces that delight right from the master plan to the concrete that forms the foundations of the structures that define them.


Mastering the art of creating masterpieces.

At Chaithanya, we take great pride in our creations. Built with passion and precision. And designed to deliver perfection. No detail is too small nor is any vision too big. With superior craftsmanship, creativity and extensive planning, every home we design becomes a true reflection of everything that Chaithanya stands for. From the master plan to the concrete that forms the foundations of the structures that define them. Artfully done. Like a fine painting.

Our customers are our constant inspiration, challenging us to outdo and outbuild even ourselves every time. What results are masterpieces, living spaces that imbibe the character of the customer combining his individual needs and lifestyle into transcendent living. Planned, crafted, and created with engineering excellence to constantly delight. Every Chaithanya project has a unique feature that reinforces science in everyday life. Be it the amenities that stand out and make a space for themselves or the incorporation of life sciences that support utility and comfort.

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