Chaithanya Sharan

Bali-Inspired Villas: Where Every Day is a Getaway

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Chaithanya Sharan redefines modern living by seamlessly blending Balinese traditions with contemporary comfort. Spread over 11 acres near Whitefield, Bangalore, this enchanting community features 27 Bali-inspired villas nestled within lush landscapes.

Adorned with authentic Balinese design elements and materials such as murals, motifs, urns, exotic plants, and indigenous fruit-bearing trees, it creates a mesmerising atmosphere. The Kul Kul entrance, Koi Pond, and the Bio Pond overlooking the Tara Devi sculpture epitomise Balinese tradition.

Chaithanya Sharan goes beyond mere housing; it fosters a vibrant community, sets high living standards, and caters to diverse needs, all while offering the purest form of tranquillity.


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