Chaithanya Smaran

Your Family Hub: Simplifying Life for You

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Chaithanya Smaran recognizes that your family isn’t just central to your life, but it also greatly influences the design of your home. Located in Whitefield, Smaran simplifies life by creating a space that serves as a family hub while catering to individual needs.

Chaithanya Smaran stands out with its unique two-sided design, blending modern looks with pleasing colours & textures. The smart layout lets you host big parties and barbecues in your spacious backyard while providing a view of your entire villa, making the backyard the heart of your Smaran home.

At Chaithanya Smaran, the most interactive spaces are at the centre of your home, what we refer to as the ‘Jewel of Your Home,’ – perfect for breakfast brainstorming, working power lunches, and networking dinners; all the while making sure that you cherish those private family moments.


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