Chaithanya Ananya

Modern Scottish Style Homes: A Life as You Want It to Be

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In the heart of Whitefield, Bangalore, surrounded by lush greenery, Chaithanya Ananya brings comfort to the young at heart. These villas give the feel of a quiet Scottish neighbourhood.

Ananya, inspired by the philosophy “Craft your life as you desire,” ensures that you and your loved ones feel truly at HOME when you reside here. These homes exude vitality, joy, and a contemporary way of living, offering the modern residents both charm and serenity.

In Chaithanya Ananya, you’ll embrace the grandeur of expansive gardens and endless blue skies, with your evening tea serenaded by the sweet melody of birdsong. It’s a home cocooned in lush gardens, where you and your family can savour life’s simple pleasures and celebrate special moments together.


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